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Starcraft 2 news » Top Ten Revealed – Play. Vote. Win! 2017

We're proud to present the top ten Arcade games for the StarCraft II Rock the Cabinet 2017 contest. Now we need your help to nominate the final five. Check out and play the games below, and vote for your favorite five. The more games you play, the more chances you earn to win a sweet prize like the ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501. Keep in mind that you need to play at least one game to earn a chance at winning the gaming laptop. Also you must have played the games you voted for a chance at winning. The contest ends on Friday, June 9 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Click here for complete rules.

Armory Retaking Construction Yard Cradle of Death Death From Above Immortal Siege Mercenary Business Part and Parcel Primal Ascension Scavenger Hunt Solar Right Armory Retaking Genre: Co-op Author: Jacky Players: 2 Amon has taken the Valhalla installation and Hybrids are growing in power. Using the behemoth Odin, you must destroy the Hybrid holding cells before Hybrids are unleashed. PLAY NOW Construction Yard Genre: Co-op Author: Gillan Players: 2 Amon is terrorizing the people of Agria-5. Help the colonists rebuild their camp and drive away Amon from their land but escorting their convoys and setting up new defensive positions. PLAY NOW Cradle of Death Genre: Co-op Author: TheSkunk Players: 2 Dominion officials have discovered birthing stations on Calus for a new, deadly breed of Hybrid. They can only be destroyed by Nuclear Payloads controlled directly by the Commanders. PLAY NOW Death From Above Genre: Co-op Author: CybrosX Players: 2 Amon's forces are trying to corrupt the planet's large vespene supply. Assist Second Ascendant Zal'adas and escort the Tal'darim Mothership to ensure the Death Fleet has the resources needed for the reclamation of Aiur. PLAY NOW Immortal Siege Genre: Co-op Author: Gastu Players: 2 A city is besieged by an unending army of Torrasque, corrupted by Amon's influence. The Commanders must put an end to the threat by destroying the Protoss Temples before the immortal beasts destroy the city. PLAY NOW Mercenary Business Genre: Co-op Author: InsaneMst Players: 2 Amon sent his Moebius minions to Deadman's Port to hire Mira Han and her mercenaries for the war. The allied commanders must prevent that from happening by sending shipments of resources before Moebius does. PLAY NOW Part and Parcel Genre: Co-op Author: Buswolley Players: 2 - 10 Sabotage a research facility and face Amon’s strongest creations. Scrap parts from the remains of your enemies, rebuild a massive Archangel, and follow it into battle against the monstrosities of the Dark God. PLAY NOW Primal Ascension Genre: Co-op Author: OutsiderXE Players: 2 Amon has corrupted the Primal Pack Ascendants of Zerus. They seek to drain Dehaka's eggs to become the new Primal Pack Leaders. Protect the eggs and slay the Primal Pack Ascendants. PLAY NOW Scavenger Hunt Genre: Co-op Author: azureguy Players: 2 Christopher the mercenary has crashed landed on a planet, losing all of his combat gear upon impact. Worse, Amon's forces are gathering relics from a Xel'Naga temple nearby. Help Christopher recover his gear whild defending him from Amon. PLAY NOW Solar Right Genre: Co-op Author: ThePhail Players: 2 Amon seems particulary interested in the content of an ancient Protoss temple in Qha'Dan. Escort Jacob Ramsey and his archaeological team to its gates and collect enough solarite to open them before it's too late. PLAY NOW
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