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Starcraft 2 news » WCS Signature Series Reveals Four of StarCraft II’s Best

The ultimate prize in professional StarCraft II is within reach for the 16 top players in the World Championship Series (WCS). Through the WCS Signature Series, fans can get up-close and personal with four of the competitors: Cho “Maru” Sung Choo, Juan Carlos “SpeCial” Tena Lopez, Lee “Rogue” Byung Ryul, and Joona “Serral” Sotala.

Nonstop hours of practice, weeks of travel to far-flung tournaments and events, and waves of pure emotion in the wake of a hard-won championship are just a few slices of the pro player lifestyle these four incredible players have shown us over the years. Get re-introduced to these players through exclusive interviews and pivotal career moments in the WCS Signature Series.

Whether it’s three-time Global StarCraft League (GSL) champion Maru, three-time Copa America champion SpeCial, reigning WCS Global Champion Rogue, or WCS Circuit “grand slam” winner Serral—through tales of continuing maturity, personal growth, and professional development, WCS Signature Series lets you understand these StarCraft II pros better than ever before.

The WCS Signature Series runs weekly beginning on Oct. 4 on and and leads right into the opening rounds of the WCS Global Finals. Keep your browser locked here for each new episode and join us for the thrilling conclusion to the 2018 season at the WCS Global Finals beginning Oct. 26.

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