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TERA news » TERA’s Allegiance Weekend Event

TERA’s Allegiance Weekend Event

Are you Devoted to TERA? We’re about to reward your allegiance! Log in and play TERA each day this weekend to earn in-game rewards!

Starting at noon PDT on Friday, June 16, and continuing until noon PDT on Monday, June 19, you’ll pick up rewards that get progressively better the more time you spend playing.

TERA’s Allegiance Weekend Event

Daily Rewards (repeatable daily)

  • 30 minutes—Expiring Anthrozombie Elixir (6 hour) ×1
  • 1 hour—Strong Bravery Potion ×3
  • 2 hours—Lamb Bulgogi ×3
  • 3 hours—Noctenium Infusion ×400
  • 4 hours—Crimsonheart Loot Box ×1
  • 5 hours—Crimsonheart Loot Box ×2

Event Rewards (one-time)

  • 2 hours—Tier 11 Feedstock ×300
  • 4 hours—Strongbox Key ×5
  • 6 hours—Lakan's Scale ×5
  • 8 hours—Badge of Loyalty ×5
  • 10 hours—Lakan's Banner ×5
  • 12 hours—Talisman of Lakan ×3

Every time you hit these gameplay thresholds, you should see a flashing hourglass icon (like the one pictured here) pop up on your screen. Just click on it to bring up the Allegiance rewards window, and hit “Claim” to collect your rewards. It’s that easy!

Make sure to claim your rewards right away, because unclaimed rewards are lost when we reset the clock each day (and at the end of the event). If you forget, they’re gone forever. (In fact, you should probably check the rewards window just before you log out—just to be safe.)

The Allegiance event starts Friday at noon, and ends Monday. Don’t take too long to jump in and start getting rewarded for playing TERA!

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