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TERA news » Come Together with EME’s New Discord Server!

Come Together with EME’s New Discord Server!

We're excited to announce a new Discord server to bring En Masse players together, regardless of which games they play. Like our forums, this server is another official way to interact with EME staff and hang out with other players to talk about TERA, Kritika Online, AVA, memes, peanut butter, the cosmos, and anything else you feel like sharing.

Like most Discord servers, the official EME Discord serves as a place to chat, with multiple voice channels you can join whenever you're looking for a place to talk with your in-game party. We also have custom emojis!


For those of you familiar with the Player Council Discord, this is basically a replacement. The old Player Council server shuts down next week, and the Player Council will migrate over to help moderate and reply to folks in the TERA channels of the new EME Discord. Same goes with the Alliance of Valiant Arms Operatives (AVA's Player Council) and the newly recruited Kritika Player Council. In the future, when a new En Masse game icomes out, you can count on seeing a new channel for it here. The Discord server is also a great place to learn about streamers and YouTube creators making content around and about En Masse games.

What are you waiting for? Get in here!

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