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TERA news » Wrap Yourself in the Sky—and the Stars!

Wrap Yourself in the Sky—and the Stars!

The chill of autumn brings new costumes for TERA!

Starting Thursday, September 14 at 10 a.m. PDT, you can pick up Blue Sky or Starglow costumes. The Blue Sky bundle contains a Blue Sky costume for your race and gender, as well as a Blue Sky Visor for 1,295 EMP.

Alternately, for 150 EMP, there’s the Sky Visor Loot Box, which may contain a Clear Blue Sky visor or a Rosy Outlook visor (both for ladies only), or a Starglow costume box.

Anyone can purchase the Starglow Costume Loot Box for 150 EMP, which may contain a Bright Skies visor or a Starglow costume box.

Next week, the Crystal Blue and Starglow weapon skins will be available!

Ready to wear the sky and the stars? Head over to the TERA Store today!

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