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TERA news » This Week in TERA: September 9–15

It’s time to stock up on strongbox keys for an amazing weekend of fun and prizes!

Starting Tuesday, September 10 after maintenance and continuing until maintenance on Tuesday, September 17, open any of the following strongboxes for a chance at some incredible jackpot rewards:

  • Locked Item XP Strongbox
  • Locked Gem Strongbox
  • Locked Talent Strongbox
  • Locked Crafters Strongbox
  • Locked Noctenium Strongbox
  • Locked Fashion Strongbox

Jackpot rewards for this event include:

  • Flying Skill: Urvog (Exclusive blue version of the Pteryx phoenix mount, with the Blazing Aura II and Phoenix Aura II passive skills.)
  • Crafter's Cure ×20
  • Metamorphic Emblem Chest ×200
  • Golden Talents ×6,000
  • Silver Talents ×6,000
  • Diamond ×15
  • Skill Advancement Scroll I x1,000

Need more strongbox keys? Stock up and save on stacks of 10, 20, 50, or 100 keys in the TERA Store!

Weekend Dungeon Highlight (September 13–16)

weekend dungeon

Starting Friday, September 13 at 4 a.m. PDT, and continuing until Monday, September 16, the following instanced dungeons award increased drops at completion:

  • Rift's Edge (Hard)
  • Bahaar's Sanctum
  • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard)
  • Rift's Edge
  • Dark Reach Citadel
  • Ghillieglade

Weekly Vanguard Bonus—Increased Enhancement Points (EP)


Completing Vanguard Requests earns you increased Enhancement Point rewards, starting Tuesday, September 10 at 4 a.m. PDT, and continuing until Tuesday, September 17 at 4 a.m. PDT.

Demon's Wheel Event Dungeon

demons wheel

Log in each day to receive 10 free Demoros’s Mysterious Keys. For more information, check out our forums.

Increased Skill Experience Event


Continuing until Tuesday, September 17 at 10 a.m. PDT, you’ll earn 50% more Skill EXP when Vanguard Requests and from apply-on-pickup Skill Advancement Drops. Skill EXP from items used from inventory (such as tomes) are not affected.

Guardian Legion Bonus: Skill Advancement and Skill Optimization Rewards

Guardian Legion Rewards now include Skill Advancement and Skill Optimization Scrolls.

Rootstock and Pond Faire


Visit the Freeholds from now until Tuesday, October 1 and explore the joys of Rootstock's open-air market. Or perhaps you might want to wander the festive marshlands of the Tuwangi Mire for the annual Pond Faire.

During the festivals, you can make a potent Battle Dishes, complete achievements, earn cool pets (like Pinkie, Rainie, or Rusty), or possibly even acquire the elusive Moonsilk Carpet mount.

Have You Tried the En Masse Launcher?


Just a reminder: TERA is available through the En Masse Launcher, and the first time you log in through it you’ll get a fistful of cool in-game items:

  • Fiery Blue Halo (30 Days)
  • Riding Skill: Tantor (30 Days)
  • Personal Crafter's Cure ×10
  • Haste Coin I (3 Hours) ×5
  • Superior Noctenium Elixir ×15

Changes in the TERA Store

With the change in seasons fast approaching, it's time to don a new look!

From today until Thursday, September 12, shop the TERA Store for all your Back-To-School costume and accessory needs.

(Keep an eye out on the web and in-game stores for more additions every Tuesday and Thursday.)

Last Call Reminder


Pick up a free bundle of experience boosters (one per account) from the TERA store before they leave on Tuesday, September 10.

The limited time Back-to-School bundle (featuring the classic Wolley pet) leaves the store on Thursday, September 12.

Also leaving the TERA Store on September 12 are the free-with-purchase gifts (for your first EMP purchase) the Castanica Demons Smart Box and Footsteps: Lucky Pupper.

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