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World of Warcraft news » The Fine Art of Fan Art: Episode 4 – Sculptor

We’re celebrating sculpture in the final episode of The Fine Art of Fan Art—a video series focused on talented artists from the World of Warcraft community.

Meet Polish sculptor Tomasz ‘Mankej’ Kowalewski, creator of many exquisite WoW-inspired sculptures. As a long-time fan of World of Warcraft, Mankej has crafted classic lore characters such as Khadgar and Varian, but his passion for Blizzard games doesn’t stop there. The artist has also sculpted heroes like Alarak from StarCraft II and D.Va from Overwatch, just to name a few.

Check out the video below to learn more about this WoW sculptor and one of his latest creations:


To view more of Mankej’s work, you can visit his various channels below:

If you missed the first three episodes of The Fine Art of Fan Art, you can watch them here:

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