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League of Legends news:

Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista
In May 2019 (after patch 9.9), League will stop supporting Windows XP and Vista. Details here.
11.12.2018 17:00:02
New free champion rotation: Akali, Lux, Ryze and more!
Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
10.12.2018 21:00:02
Nexus Blitz Primer: Snowdown Edition
Nexus Blitz is back for a second test this Snowdown! Learn all about the mode here.
06.12.2018 17:00:01
Your Shop Returns
Personalized discounts are back and open for business until January 8, 2019, at 07:59 GMT. Discountbot says hi and Happy Snowdown!
06.12.2018 17:00:01
Patch Notes: Lore Edition
In the jungle, not all is as it seems. Is there a beast among the trees, or is the jungle itself stirring?
05.12.2018 21:00:03
Neeko available now!
So many things to see, so many champions to be! Shapeshift into someone new—Neeko is available now.
05.12.2018 17:00:01
Patch 8.24 Notes
Our first patch after preseason brings a Curious Chameleon and this year's Snowdown festivities!
04.12.2018 21:00:04
New free champion rotation: Ahri, Kha'Zix, Ornn and more!
Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
03.12.2018 21:00:02
Nexus Blitz, Neeko, Snowdown, and All-Star
Learn more about Nexus Blitz, Neeko, Snowdown, K/DA Akali Prestige Edition, and All-Star 2018.
03.12.2018 21:00:02
Community Spotlight: Yelko
Master of montages and showcaser of shenanigans, meet League of Legends Partner and YouTuber, Yelko!
01.12.2018 02:00:01
November Early Sales: 30/11/18 – 04/12/18
Make a splash with Pool Party Zoe, Caitlyn, and Gangplank in the early sale this month.
01.12.2018 02:00:01
It’s time for November bundles!
November bundles are here for a limited time.
29.11.2018 21:00:01
2018 Worlds Commemoration Icon
Celebrate Invictus Gaming’s thrilling 3-0 victory in Korea with the 2018 Worlds Commemorative Icon, available for 250 RP until January 1st, 2019, at 07:59 GMT. 50% of the proceeds from this icon will be shared with IG and the LPL. If you’ve purchased any of the IG Worlds 2018 Supporter Bundles, this icon will be automatically added to your inventory for free.
28.11.2018 21:00:03
December sales schedule
Check out all the champs and skins on sale this December!
28.11.2018 21:00:03
Preseason ranked update for Masters+ players
To properly test Grandmaster in preseason, top-ranked players will be adjusted down to properly promote or demote into new tiers. Read on for the what’s and why’s.
27.11.2018 21:00:03
New Legendary skins: Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona
Make the coven answer to your light as Solar and Lunar Eclipse Leona, or reclaim the wilds as Coven Camille and Coven Lissandra.
27.11.2018 21:00:03
New free champion rotation: Tahm Kench, Wukong, Veigar and more!
Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
26.11.2018 21:00:03
Recap of Clash test (EUW & EUNE)
In our efforts to get Clash ready for its 2019 re-launch we’ve been running weekend tests in various regions. With the most recent one coming to EUW and EUNE last weekend (Nov 16-18th), we wanted to give our players here in Europe a recap of the participation levels and technical challenges we encountered.
23.11.2018 21:00:02
Preseason Essence Emporium now live
Snag Chromas, new Mystery Minis, and more with all the Blue Essence you’ve earned from climbing this season, from now until December 4, 2018.
20.11.2018 21:00:04
Patch 8.23 notes
Welcome to preseason.
20.11.2018 02:00:02
New free champion rotation: Ashe, Ekko, Irelia and more!
Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
20.11.2018 02:00:02
New Epic skins: Program Nami and LeBlanc
Secure the future as Program Nami and LeBlanc for 1350 RP each.
15.11.2018 21:00:02
New free champion rotation: Annie, Kayne, Twisted Fate and more!
Greetings Summoners! Here are this week's free champions.
12.11.2018 21:00:04
New Epic skins: Praetorian Graves and Fiddlesticks
Eradicate dimensions as Praetorian Graves and Fiddlesticks for 1350 RP each.
08.11.2018 21:00:03
Preseason Essence Emporium opening soon
Chromas, new Mystery Minis, and more will be purchasable with Blue Essence from November 20 – December, 2018.
06.11.2018 21:00:01