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League of Legends news:

Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16B notes
Jinx nerfs and matchmaking improvements headline our fine tuning of the Hextech patch.
21.08.2019 21:00:04
9.16: Lore Update
In this lore update we’re introducing Pantheon: The Unbreakable Spear.
14.08.2019 17:00:02
TFT Beta Pass V.2 Coming Soon!
Earn icons, emotes, arena chromas, and more.
13.08.2019 21:00:03
TFT Update: Hextech Heroics
A new trait levels the playing field.
13.08.2019 21:00:03
FAQ: Eternals Coming in Patch 9.17
Eternals are new, champion-based achievements that let you prove your mastery and stunt on your opponents.
13.08.2019 21:00:03
Teamfight Tactics patch 9.16 notes
Four new Hextech champions crash into the Convergence!
13.08.2019 21:00:03
Patch 9.16 notes
Pantheon falls from the stars in 9.16.
13.08.2019 21:00:03
Teamfight Tactics patch 9.15B notes
Karthus and Kayle come back to earth in our latest update.
07.08.2019 21:00:03
Teamfight Tactics' ranked update
Teamfight Tactics' ranked system has been out for a little while now, and we’re taking stock and make a few tuning adjustments.
07.08.2019 02:00:01
BeNeLux Premier League summer split kicked off!
The Benelux Premier League has kicked off again with eight teams competing for a prize pool of 4,000 euros and a place in the upcoming EU Masters summer split 2019. BPL’s winner will defend the honours of the Benelux and try to prove itself as the strongest region. The Group Stage was completed last Wednesday the 24th of July, and the Elimination Stage starts on the 10th of August. The BPL can be watched live at Inside Esports on Fox Sports or Twitch (
03.08.2019 02:00:01
New Little Legends are coming to the Convergence!
The Moontipped Hushtail, Jade Paddlemar, and Jeweled Protector join their friends in the Convergence.
02.08.2019 21:00:01
PROJECT 2019 Event Guide
Download a full analysis on the PROJECT 2019 Pass, loot, and skins.
02.08.2019 17:00:02
Teamfight Tactics patch 9.15 notes
Defensive traits get more strength, but beware of the Void!
30.07.2019 21:00:02
Patch 9.15 notes
Small patch, big heart. Changes to Qiyana, Lissandra, Malphite and more.
30.07.2019 21:00:02
Honor 5 Chromas coming soon
New chromas for Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick hit PBE this week and go live in patch 9.16!
29.07.2019 21:00:03
Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14B notes
Assassins and bears nerfed while sorcerers get buffed in TFT's latest update.
24.07.2019 17:00:01
Compensation tokens for ARCADE pass holders
A bug caused some rewards to go afk.
23.07.2019 17:00:02
Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass Update
Find out when the first chapter of TFT's Beta Pass ends and chapter two begins.
18.07.2019 21:00:03
Patch 9.14 Notes
Introducing counter-mechanics to champions and welcoming the new and improved Death Recap.
16.07.2019 21:00:04
Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.14 notes
Twisted Fate, the ranked beta season, and a whole host of balance changes and bug fixes come to the convergence.
16.07.2019 21:00:04
9.14: Lore Update
We’re back to Ixtal to learn more about Qiyana and Malphite in this week’s Lore Update!
16.07.2019 17:00:01
Teamfight Tactics Showdown Roster and Prizes
Check out which streamers will be battling in our first-ever Twitch Rivals: TFT Showdown.
08.07.2019 21:00:03
TFT Updates and the Road Ahead
Learn about TFT’s updates based on your feedback and glimpse at what’s coming in the next few weeks.
04.07.2019 17:00:01
TFT added to ARCADE Event Pass
Pass holders can now earn tokens through TFT!
02.07.2019 17:00:01
Teamfight Tactics Showdown
Watch the top Teamfight Tactics streamers battle it out in our first-ever TFT tournament.
01.07.2019 21:00:03