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League of Legends news » The Final Approach: Exeter’s A Team

Hailing from the University of Exeter – wait, there’s another team from the University of Exeter in the finals as well? Well then, we do have a royal, very personal, rumble. Whilst the B team of Exeter, Super Duper Giant Truck Team, is known as a bit of the wildcard having made a run of unpredictable and rather entertaining wins, the A Team – Sponsored by Hyper-exe, LUL – are the meta team, the more professional looking Fnatic to Truck’s original Unicorn style, if we were to compare. Having run the gauntlet and not lost a single game they’re certainly looking to take the crown of NUEL.


Librothers – Top

Max “Librothers” Li is the most vocal of the team, at least socially. Quite happy to have his picture taken (we’ve plenty of those) and quite happy to carry his team from the top lane, he and his friends simply got together to represent Exeter in their first year: “We were just a group of friends in our first year, no tryouts, just us”. Known for his carries top lane, particularly Gangplank, he’s recently shifted towards more meta picks as the responsibilities of the team became higher and higher as the tournament progressed.


Uggz – Jungle

Alex “Uggz” Hart is a relatively unknown talent but has lead the charge by being the shield for the team. Whilst opposing jungler “Melvinizzle” is known for his more fluid playstyle in Ivern, Kayn and Nunu, Uggz has become the leader of the charge with his main staples of Zac, Sejuani, Volibear and Gragas. A man happy to put his life on the line, he often is accompanied by his midlaner so that they can get the smack down in the early game and snowball it into a win.


Mat – Mid

An absolute bomb when Anivia is strong, Matthew “Mat” Croft (whilst having a very iconic video game name) is also damn good at affecting the rest of the map. A self-sacrificial midlaner, he’s often found in the early stages of the game out of lane and trying to get whatever advantages he can get. His true strength lies in 2v2s as he often roams with Uggz to get pressure down in the early stages of the game. To do this he utilises his favourite picks of Taliyah, Zilean, Anivia and Zoe.


Jeedos – Bot

Captain of the team, Jeedos likes to remain quite firmly in the critical meta. Known for his Infinity Edge ADCs he holds a certain humbleness knowing that it’s the rest of his team that’s there to get him ahead. His calls have been on point as he led his team to victory with various different strategies, from spilt push through the Banner meta (and the Sion mid thing we had going for a while). Having to do the dodging, damage dealing and deciding, he holds a lot on his shoulders as leader of the number 1 team in the NUEL, but thankfully has his team there to back him up.


Woo – Support

Tom “Woo” Thomas (insert the superhero naming sense joke here) seems to be the most elusive of the team, even to his own teammates. Known for invading the enemy jungle alone – a death sentence to most – and setting up dangerous traps for the enemy jungler, his own team still has not plumbed the depths of his champion pool. A preference on laning supports like Nami and Janna, his aggressive playstyle is well known alongside his amazing mechanics. Weird to think that the support would be the wildcard in the group as he’s known for “constantly complaining if there isn’t enough fighting” and “has to be reminded to play nice when he’s popping off”


Sponsored by Hyper-exe, LUL will play Super Duper Giant Truck Team at NUEL Live to see who will be crowned king in this UK University Spring Championship. Don’t miss out on all the action, and tune into the NUEL Twitch stream  at 10.30am on Sunday the 29th April!

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