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League of Legends news » (Postponed) Clash Regional Test

We tested Clash in three regions last weekend. On the first day, some players in one region ran into issues that caused them to either get stuck in lobby waiting for champ select or get stuck in champ select waiting to enter game—regardless of whether they were playing Clash or a different mode. The same issues manifested to a lesser degree on day two in a second region.

We're currently working on fixes that'll be rolling out to all regions in the next few days. Last weekend's issues occur in other queues at a very low rate regardless of Clash, so we'll be able to evaluate our fixes via that baseline rather than putting another Clash test at risk. Unfortunately, that means this weekend's test is postponed: We need to be confident our fixes work before we can say that bringing Clash back to EU is the right call.

We're sorry to those of you who were excited to give Clash another shot. Testing Clash in EU is still a critical priority before we move forward with a global launch, and we hope to be back with a new date for you soon.

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