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League of Legends news » Announcing the Rise of the Elements Invitational

To celebrate the launch of Rise of the Elements, we're partnering with Red Bull to host a 2-day competitive event where you'll be able to see all the new champions and traits in action! The Rise of the Elements Invitational happens on October 30th and 31st and feature 16 of the community's favorite top streamers from around the globe battling it out on an arena specifically built and designed for TFT!

Tune in to the main broadcast on Youtube and Twitch where you can watch gameplay interviews, analysis, and chats with devs for more insight on the Rise of the Elements or to each individual streamer's channels to get their individual feeds!


  • Players:
    • itsHafu
    • Scarra
    • dogdog
    • Disguised Toast
    • Reckful
    • Kibler
    • SuperJJ
    • Sologesang
    • becca
    • Keane
    • ik4rus
    • sasa
    • Rakin
    • Holythoth
    • Duende
  • Hosts:
    • G2 Lothar
    • Phreak
    • LeTigress
    • Ovilee


Day 1 starting at 17:00 GMT

Two groups of eight players will face off in five matches to earn points based on their finishes. Players can also earn points for completing challenges (alternate win conditions that grant extra points) in these five matches to show off more strategy and variety in their playstyles! The top four point earners from each group will advance to Day 2.

Day 2 starting at 17:00 GMT

The final eight players will play matches until one contestant has earned three wins. No settling for 4th place here!

Prize Pool:

The winner of the Invitational will earn $15,000. Players who make it to Day 2, but don’t manage to claim victory will earn $10,750 each. And finally, players eliminated on Day 1 will earn $7,500 each.

The grand winner of the Invitational will also be rewarded with a custom TFT jacket with a special lining that memorializes their most loyal of followers!

Stream Information:

Tune into LoL Esports YouTube and Riot Games Twitch pages for the main broadcast or follow your favorite player's individual stream!

Watch Rewards:

Watch one game LIVE on the LoL Esports Youtube channel and get an in-game mystery emote! Be sure to link your Riot account to your Youtube account to be eligible. You'll be notified via the email account associated with your League account when you get the reward.

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