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RIFT news » Prime: Primeval Feast

Greenscale, the most ravenous of all creatures, has been downed, and is being carved up. Delve into the story on Prime!
The Primeval Feast sliver is now up on Prime!

Greenscale teaches his followers that the strong must not rule the weak, they must devour them. This was a lesson not taught through text or parable but through the actions of the great green dragon. The wyrm hungered endlessly and would consume any of his followers unfortunate to fall within reach of the his sticky tongue.

Luckily for Telara, the Ascended rose up against Greenscale and defeated him before Prince Hylas was able to free him from his prison. But now a sliver of fate has appeared, one that encompasses a quite different series of events.

Within, Hylas still betrayed the Ascended, and they marched through the forces in Stillmoor to stop him, but instead of stopping Greenscale, they were defeated, and promptly eaten, as is Greenscale’s way. But the dragon was unable to savor his victory for long, because in his overfed and torpid state, he was himself lured into a trap cunningly set by Lord Twyl of the Fae.

Now the power structure of the cosmos has been upended. Hylas betrayed his kin only to serve at the foot of a capricious fae lord, while Twyl now rules all of the mortal realm thanks to a steady diet of dragon steaks infused with the power of the devoured Ascended… and Atrophinius, well he still has his mead. In this terrible time-line that may be enough.

Venture through the cursed hedge maze of the Fae Lord’s ascendancy to stop him from coming forth to our world. For he will soon run out of divine dragon chops and come looking for fresher fare.

Will you prevail, or simply become part of the feast?

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