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League of Legends news » Rise of the Elements Pass

Rise of the Elements is here, and so is a brand new rewards pass! We have some exciting changes coming to the Teamfight Tactics progression experience, so let's dive in to what’s new.

Higher Quality Rewards

The Rise of the Elements pass is more heavily focused on the most exciting stuff. You’ll be able to earn four map chromas, based off the four core elements of the set: Inferno, Mountain, Ocean, and Cloud.

This pass doesn’t have any summoner icons—we’ve seen the memes and know you have plenty of them. We’ve upgraded all of the smaller rewards to emotes.

At the end of the pass are two little legends eggs, a Set 1 Egg and a Set 1-3 Rare Egg.

More Time

So far, our passes have been pretty strict on time limitations, which means you haven’t had very long to get to the most exciting rewards at the end of ’em. This one will stay up for the entire length of the Rise of the Elements set. We hope this gives you more time to earn the things you’re excited about.

Play Flexibly

In addition to the extra time, this pass is also more flexible in two specific ways:

  • Orb of Enlightenment: We wanted to make it easier for players who don’t play TFT every day but still play a lot of it to get a good amount of XP from the Orb. The Orb will now recharge every three days instead of every day, so if you only play certain nights or only on weekends, you’ll have a much easier time earning XP in this pass.
  • Larger Missions: Some weeks will have larger missions, but fewer of them. These missions could take a couple of days to finish, but you’ll have access to them for the entire week. We’re excited to hear what you think about doing more small tasks vs working towards a bigger goal over multiple days.

This pass will be active from the first day of Rise of the Elements until the launch of the next set.

Best of luck in the Convergence!

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